Drift, the messenger bag reviewed by Kate Trgovac in Squidoo

A solid, tough bag!

I try to stay on-topic here at “Funky, Chic and Cool Laptop Bags” to make sure you’re getting the laptop bag reviews you need. But sometimes, we all need to branch out and look at something different. Especially when those different things are brightly coloured. Alan over at Ice Red Designs sent over one of his super-cool messenger bags. So while not strictly laptop, I did want to show it off.

Imaginary Scene: Dark and stormy day in Vancouver on my bike, rushing to get my headshot to the casting director before 5! My head is down, my Drift Messenger Bag is strapped tightly to my body. I’m weaving in and out of traffic, my bag a beacon in the pounding rain – cars see me because of the bright green and blue. Needing a quick burst of steam to make it up the hill, I reach back and pull an energy drink from one of the deep outside pockets. Arriving at the movie shoot’s production office, I burst in – shaking water everywhere – unstrap my messenger, unzip an interior pocket and pull out a perfectly dry folder of headshots. Mission accomplished.

More Likely Scene: Head into the office … Drift Messenger slung over my shoulder. Get to desk. Pull out laptop (in a sleeve I already had), power cord, mouse, camera, Moleskine notebook, ipod, new book from David Verklin, Vanity Fair, muffin, juicebox, toothbrush and toothpaste. Wow – I carry a lot of stuff!

The Drift is a great bag in general. Like most of Ice Red’s designs, it has a ton of pockets and a great, comfortable strap configuration. It is designed to be worn by cyclists and has easy outside access. I confess I did not actually test it on my bike in a rainstorm, but the side gusset design coupled with the interior pockets seem well designed to keep stuff dry.

If you carry your laptop in the Drift, you will need a sleeve. I tried a couple that I had on hand and they both worked fine, although the bigger the sleeve, the less likely the bag will be water-resistent. My MacBook Pro 15 *just* fit when it was in-sleeve, but the larger model should hold a 17″.

The Drift comes in several great colour combinations and is really well made. When I stuffed the bag, I had a lot of confidence in the strength of the material in the seams. If you don’t carry a laptop with you all the time and would like a bag that can easily double as a gym bag, book bag or airplane carry on, check out the Drift! Small size retails for $45 USD.

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