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Ice Red’s Drift is a messenger bag that can also masquerade as a laptop bag. The Drift bag is very versatile and exhibits sporty chic appeal with utmost utility.

Unlike many other laptop bags, this one is overflowing with usable space. It is a great option for those who find laptop bags too confining. Most of the time one needs to put more in a laptop bag then just techy stuff, maybe some makeup, hair ties, or a good read, and this bag can fit it at 17”x 13”x 7”. In addition to your laptop you can probably fit most of your electronic collection- ipod, camera, external hardrive, CDs, and a few other things too.

There are a plethora of pockets everywhere in this bag. It has an easily accessible front zipper pocket on the flap cover for instant access to necessary items, as well as two side water bottle holding pockets. The other compartments are heavily secured by the large Velcro strips that hold the protective flap cover down. Once the cover is lifted there are two large pockets underneath. Inside the main compartment of the bag, there is a floating compartment with spots for pens, change, cards, and more zippered pockets!

The bag comes with a typical large carrying strap that lays across your chest. However, the highlight is in the secondary strap, known as a stability strap. This strap hooks across your waist in order to keep the bag stable on your back and prevents it from swinging around while you are biking, skateboarding, or running across the airport for a connecting flight. The stability strap gives this bag one up on laptop bags in regards to mobility. The bottom is made of tarpaulin, and the exterior is made with heavy-duty 1680D ballistic nylon that slicks off water like a wet puppy.

Messenger bags are iconic of NYC urban streets. They have become a fashion statement to many subcultures. The bold colors of this bag vibrantly reflect the motion of city life, and quite literally of actual motion, since the material has a slight shimmer reflectivity to alert drivers to your presence.
We were very impressed with the thoughtful design put into this bag. It doesn’t trade practicality for looks. This bag is very cute in a Sporty Spice sort of way. You probably won’t ever want to go back to a regular laptop bag!

The messenger bag comes in several different color combinations including black/red, black/blue, brown/orange, brown/yellow, blue/lime, gray/blue, black and it retails for a very reasonable $45 (13”x11”x5.5”) for the smaller size and $55 (17”x13”x7”) for the larger size.

Written by Tiffani

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