Shine glossy laptop bag review – by ChipChick

Shine glossy laptop bag review – by ChipChickIce Red has proved to be a reliable company for sturdy cute bags such as the sporty chic messenger bag we reviewed last year.  The “Shine” laptop bag is a design anomaly for Ice Red.  It is feminine, glossy, and bright!  In this transition to blunt fashionista bags, they didn’t lose versatility or sturdiness.  In fact, they cleverly incorporated it to their advantage.

Having a waterproof laptop bag is desirable, but it usually means getting some weird ugly fabric in the process.  ”Shine” is made of a glossy vinyl that its adorable and will slick off light rain.  It comes in 3 colors, pink, silver, and black.  Ours is pink with a nectarine interior.  There are two large interior compartments that are well padded.  The slot that is meant for the laptop is even coated in a light fuzzy material so your laptop can sleep happily.  There is one outside slot that is velcro shut. There is also an exterior compartment organizer that, well, we just love.  It’s like having a little purse attached to the bag. There is room for your keys and personal effects, saving you from the balancing act of a purse and a laptop bag- following the fashion truism, simple is more.  The little pink handles are cute and comfortable, but you do have the option of the detachable shoulder strap.

“Shine” will fit 17″ laptop bags and plenty of other items.  We admire the incorporation of cute design with such usefulness.  The shininess and bright color makes it a very bold accessory, and the quality makes it a very smart accessory as well.  It goes for $69.95 on


The Good: High quality material, bold colors, fuzzy laptop slot.

The Bad: The opalescence may clash with your eye shadow!

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