Shine glossy laptop bag review – by Geardiary

Shine glossy laptop bag review – by Geardiary

Elana describes it in this way-

I loved it when I saw the picture, I loved it even more when it arrived, and I continue to LOVE it now that I am using it.

When I asked her to be more specific this is what she had to say-

It is fashionable. It has good pockets for staying nicely organized. I can easily carry cables, pens, credit cards and a file folder or two. It is designed in such a way that I don’t need to carry another bag when I use it. It is super easy to carry. It is light enough that it doesn’t add a lot of weight. The handles are comfortable and I have not found that I need to use the shoulder strap. I’m not a fan of notebook bags but I didn’t hesitate to use it since it doesn’t LOOK like a notebook bag. It looks like a sleek, fashionable tote that goes great with whatever I am wearing.

While Elana loves the look of the bag and continues to rave about it a month later I have some concerns. While it is a convenient way to carry a large notebook, the notebook compartment does not include any significant padding. This isn’t an issue if you keep your notebook in a sleeve, a hard shell or are exceptionally delicate with it but, personally, I want a bit more protection. Regardless, Elana loves it and continues to use it.

The Shine– measures 17″W x 13″H x 4″D and includes a laptop compartment that is 16″W x 11″H x 2″D

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