Sirocco urban laptop tote bag review – by Geardiary

Sirocco urban laptop tote bag review – by Geardiary


I have been using the Sirocco Urban Laptop Tote Bag. The Sirocco comes in blue jean, red,  gray or  black “crinkle-nylon”. The is lined with high-quality 420D nylon. Laptop compartment fits up to 15.4″ laptops. The large main compartment is expandable by 2″ with side zipper. (This bag holds a ton of stuff!!!) The large front pockets are good for organizing small electronics, as well as pens, change, phone, IPod and more. A back pocket is good for magazines. The bag ships with a shock-absorbing shoulder strap.

The expandable zipper that  goes from one side to the other makes it a perfect bag for transporting your notebook AND a ton of other stuff.

Unfortunately I have the same criticism of the Sirocco that I had of the Shine. It is a terrific bag for transporting a notebook but not so good for protecting it. For that reason, while I can see myself using it on occasion regularly, I don’t see myself using it as my daily bag.

The Sirocco measures 17″W x 13″H x 4″D and includes a laptop compartment that is 16″W x 11″H x 2″D.

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