UNI laptop tote bag – customer testimonial

Great laptop bag – UNI cargo laptop tote bag,


This is a deep and fairly roomy bag that still looks stylish for work. It fits two 1&1/2 inch binder notebooks and a decent sized laptop. The two smaller outside pockets are very useful. The larger ones could have a little more room built in but at least you have one on each side. It has a zipper so you can increase the width but I think it could have been a little more, also it only increases at the bottom which sometimes makes it difficult to pull something out. The inside pockets offer a lot of storage if you don’t have too much work to carry around, otherwise they are almost impossible to get to without emptying the bag. That’s usually ok because that’s what I do anyway when I get to my destination. You’re out of luck if it’s stuffed and you need to get something while in transit. I suggest using one of the small outside pockets for anything you need to get to then, like your wallet. It’s still the best laptop bag I’ve purchased and I love the color combination of lime green and orange. Excellent choice for those with ADHD as I can take what I need in one bag, instead of a smaller laptop bag and a work bag. The bright color makes it less likely to leave at home or at work. The material is very sturdy, I think this one will keep me satisfied for quite a while.

By S.C. Shifflette, (Richmond, VA) Mar 15, 2008

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