Unbiased review on our Drift messenger bag

“I bought this bag so that I could use it on vacation to put in all my usual purse stuff, two small umbrellas, and my small pocket-sized camera, small video camera, and a larger camera with a 20x x zoom. I prefer not to carry a separate camera bag (just another thing to lose). So far, this bag is GREAT! Its not overly large, and is also water-resistant, so the rain so frequent in the Disney World area should not be a problem, or in any other tropical area. It also has two nifty side pockets which are perfect for a water bottle and your cell phone or small camera. Just small pockets to get your stuff quickly. There are many, many organizational pockets, which help with all the girlie purse stuff. Very nice strap too that can be over the shoulder, or extended for a cross body bag. The bag itself is VERY light weight, but strong fabric, so you are not starting off with a heavy bag before you add your items. Overall, I am very, very happy with this bag as it is just perfect for what I needed to carry on vacation. They also describe in the description that it has a strap that can be used while on your bike, to keep it more secure. I found this strap to be very useful when stopping for a meal. I would just use this bike strap to attach it to the chair to keep some would be robber from making off with my bag while I enjoyed my meal. It also comes in some attractive colors.”

Date Posted: September 24, 2010
Reviewed By: Linda from Houston, TX

Review of Ice Red Drift Messenger Bag – Small

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